December 2016  
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Join our YOU MATTER campaign! Click on the picture of the card below to tell us your stories. Stop by the office during business hours if you need more. You can make a difference, and it just takes two little words.
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~ Anne Frank



"Got my flu shot. Nurse was very good and fast...and before she left the room I gave her the YM card. she smiled and said AWESOME! And I said YOU MATTER to me!"

"First card was given to a colleague who makes everyone feel special. She is organizing a special celebration for a retired principal. While we finished up our meeting I handed her a card. She hugged me and thanked me and let me know how much it meant to her. Felt good."

"I was feeling down about a relationship problem and I let it get to I walked through the grocery store I could tell I wasn't smiling like usual....then, again, I remembered my card and it brought me right out of myself and looking for someone. I went to the bank and a nice, friendly lady helped me, asking how my day had been going...her personality cheered me up and I knew I needed to give her a card. I said, wait, I have something for you, I hardly had to say a thing, she looked up and smiled saying, "That gives me goose bumps, thank you so much". Now we're both smiling."

 St. Philip’s Mission Statement

St Philip’s Church is

a welcoming, accepting, Christian community open for all people.


Fed by the Eucharist, formed by the Word and nurtured by the Holy Spirit,

we are a sacramental church seeking to meet people’s needs

by in-reach to the parish and by out-reach to others.


In all things, we strive to follow and bring others to Christ,

proclaiming God’s love for all creation.





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Weekly Newsletter - The E-Pistle
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